Reasons for protecting your home with burglar alarms

Accounts with support from authorities

When an unexpected event occurs in your home, perhaps your reaction time is very short and cannot do anything about it. But when you have a security system burglar this also monitored by a central, you can be sure someone will come to your rescue and to install this type of backup devices not only get that but at the same time, will be getting support from authorities such as police, fire and emergency, without the need to have to alert them yourself manually. You can rest easy knowing that your alarm will take care of it.

Thanks to surveillance systems are connected to a central alarm reception will be such personnel who are responsible for going to the appropriate authorities, while you occupy to get you and your family safe, while help arrives.

Helps repel thugs

Alarm systems for homes, is a surefire way to scare off intruders who want to break into your property method. The reason is not only the simple fact that you alert you and the central support, but moreover, the alarm sound will scare the thugs, making them flee.

As anti-theft devices installed on doors, windows and other access points, if someone were to detonate one of those motion sensors when trying to enter your home by force will activate sirens to advise that has been discovered. And, being the latent possibility that the police find his way, they will prefer to escape surely be caught sooner.

This is a very good reason to install safety equipment, as mentioned in your home since it represents a benefit in the short and long term, this is not a high spending, rather it is an investment, but if you feel nervous about the cost of these systems choose to use a comparison alarms and be sure you pay the right price and also can protect your family and property.

Alert the neighborhood

Whether you’re being a victim of a burglary or risk an incident, you enjoy the support of a security system has occurred, will play an important role in alerting the existence of danger to you and yours, as for those who live around your home and also could be affected.

Here comes another benefit of great weight, that being made aware that something serious happens, your neighbors may collaborate to call the authorities or even come to your aid. Note that the alarms are even more effective if you include strobe lights outside your home, so you will know exactly where the emergency occurs.

It protects you

Surely the reason of more value to acquire safety devices for home alarm is to ensure the protection of your family during each hour of the day and every day of the year. This way you can be sure they will be safe at home, even when you find yourself far away.

In addition, if you also accounts monitoring service for surveillance cameras that offer security companies, you’ll be more relaxed knowing you have a high level of safeguard for your family and therefore for you. You can sleep in peace making sure that if something does happen, soon everything will return to normal.

Are these along with many more reasons why having a burglar alarm system is so fundamental in your home? Without the need for a huge expense, you get to have your guarded housing and minimize the risks of unwanted events occur.

Protecting our home for the holidays

The days of well-deserved break you had at this time can be used by thieves to enter our home and steal valuables. To try to avoid this unpleasant fact, we leave some tips to protect our home.

The holiday periods are the most suitable timing by thieves when assaulting an address to the assurance that they will not find anyone in it.

It is therefore very important to take some precautions when you planned to be away from our home for a longer or shorter period of time and perform a series of actions that will “throw” to potential assailants on our presence or not at home.

There are very simple tips to follow that can prevent a theft when you are gone:

  • Comment alone with the people closest we’re going to be absent.
  • When leaving home, make sure you have closed all the windows and doors to the house.
  • To make it appear that the house is inhabited, it is very useful to install light timers, stop hanging clothes or blinds half closed.
  • Get off the phone ring so that calls are not heard repeatedly and denote our absence.
  • If you’re going to be out a long time, you should ask a trusted neighbor to collect our mail from the mailbox.
  • Hinder those elements that facilitate access to our house, especially in the case of individual houses.
  • Install an alarm system and a good security door.
  • Do not shut off the electricity because, for example, disconnected the doorbell door is a sign of absence.
  • Take a picture of the jewels and valuables you have.

However, if getting to our house observes any signs that make us think that the gateway has been enforced, you should call the police immediately and do not touch or move anything that may have been manipulated by thieves.

Protect your property with a burglar alarm system

There is much talk about the effects of stress on our body and mind. Has been shown to really too stress reduces the quality of life. Because of this, people across the country are taking steps to relieve stress anytime, wherever possible. One of the biggest reasons to suffer stress is the concern for the welfare of a loved one. Many homeowners today are discovering that the installation of a burglar alarm is a way to feel safe at home and while away.

Burglar Alarm Setup

A good burglar alarm system will contain a few essential components. The first is a sensor that can detect when a door or window is opened. The second is an alarm monitoring system to alert authorities if the alarm is triggered. Last but not least, a control panel to activate and deactivate the alarm if you accidentally shoots. While certainly there are extra features such as security cameras and motion sensors, these are the building blocks of almost every burglar alarm systems on the market.

Alarm Monitoring System

When you buy a burglar alarm, true peace does not come from a loud noise of sirens going on if someone enters the house, but the knowledge that, no matter where you are, there is someone watching your property. The alarm monitoring system is working 24 hours / 7 days a week. No matter the time of day, day of week, or season, his system monitoring service will be there to make sure the entrance to your home is limited to you, your family and guests.

Prices burglar alarm systems

Although it can be expensive, a burglar alarm system core is probably available in most homes. Make sure the alarm system covers at least the doors of his house, which is where most of the intruders usually enter. Alarms higher end have sensors on all doors and windows, and may have many other features. Some systems (not unlike many packages of cell phones) are actually very cheap or even free when you sign up for a number of months to an alarm monitoring service.

Burglar Alarm Installation

A homeowner with small personal skill maintenance often can install the most basic systems. In more elaborate systems most likely a professional for installation needed. Professional installation is often more desirable, even for those who have the knowledge to install the alarm without help, since optimal results will be assured. Many companies have a service where they send someone to inspect the houses of the areas that might be more prone to theft. Inspection shows the areas that are most susceptible and therefore require the most attention.

In many cases, the inspector has some suggestions of security-related problems. Issues are such as proper lighting and pruning of trees in your yard that might make your home less likely to be robbed.

Protect your home when you are away

Summer is the perfect time for theft. In fact, according to the Insurance Information Institute, July and August are the worst months for theft. So before you hit the road, here are some tips to stay safe when not.

Turn your security system for home before traveling:

If you have a system, consider investing in one. In addition to helping protect your home, you can get a discount on your homeowners insurance.

Stop receiving newspapers and mailings:

Nothing indicates more clearly that “homeowners are on vacation” that a lot of newspapers stacked on the stairs of his house and a mailbox full of letters and journals.

Trim trees and near doors and windows bushes:

This makes it difficult for potential thieves hiding near his home.

Keep your lawn cut:

Ask someone to mow, so it looks like someone is at home.

Let your neighbors about your absence:

Provide number where you can be reached. You could also let someone you trust a copy of your house key.

Put timers on lights:

It’s better if you put timers so that the lights come on at different times.

Put a password on your computer:

Today, the thieves do not just steal the TV. Many are prepared to enter into your computer and access your financial accounts. Before going on vacation, you can disable the automatic entry and put a password on your system for when your computer is turned on. By keeping your home safe, you will enjoy your holiday even more.

Protect your home and car thefts

Apart from the effective assistance provided by the comprehensive safety systems, you must also meet certain tasks to join forces against crime.

Theft Protection at Home

  • With these six simple tips and you will be one step ahead:
  • Establish a routine security, make sure that doors and windows are closed and alarm systems are activated.
  • Avoid giving information to unidentified people call you by phone.
  • Do not write your address on ads selling items.
  • Notify the police if you see unknown or suspicious persons in your area.
  • Take care of the keys to your house. Never Porte on a keychain that has the home address or leave them in your car if the latter parked in a public parking lot.
  • Do not hide house keys in a secret location outside your home. Thieves always know where to look.

Prevent Theft of Your Car

Car thefts unfortunately have become an everyday situation. So you do not become a victim of this crime, the most important is prevention; here are some tips for you:

  • Park in insurance and lit places.
  • Engage the parking brake and lock the steering wheel.
  • Always leave your vehicle locked and the safety catch.
  • Constantly check the status of locks and safe.
  • When driving, do it with activated safe and ideally windows closed.
  • Do not keep or leave vehicle documents inside.
  • Provide the installation of safety devices, sound or power cuts or cuts fuel supply.
  • Ideally, record the license plates on the glass, as it is shown to be an important deterrent to theft.
  • Do not leave packages, clothing or species of value in sight.

If stolen phone immediately call the local station and then go to the nearest police unit to formulate the complaint.

Problems Burglar Alarms

Burglar alarms are a good idea for homeowners who are concerned with their homes being invaded by a thief. At least, the burglar alarm will alert the homeowner to an invasion of the house so you can take defensive measures. Many burglar alarm systems send signals to the police station so that the police can come to help homeowners. However, there are some potential problems that homeowners with burglar alarms should consider.


Home burglar alarms sometimes give homeowners a sense of security that is not always there. Thieves are not always deterred by burglar alarms and may continue to rob the house. Some thieves also repeatedly trigger the burglar alarm to the homeowner is frustrated with alarm and off.

Response Time

The police are not always available to respond to a burglar alarm quickly enough. Some alarm companies do not send police officers unless they can demonstrate that there was a robbery.

False alarm

Burglar alarms can sometimes be falsely triggered by domestic or resident in the household animals, causing the police arrived unnecessarily. False alarms are also sometimes triggered when the wiring is faulty or when the batteries are depleted. Many alarm systems can perform tests to determine whether all parts of the burglar alarm are working properly so that the burglar alarm does not go off when no forced entry.


Burglar alarm siren can sometimes fail, often because there is a problem with the power cable that supplies power to the siren.

Difficult to repair

Burglar Alarms can be very sophisticated and many types of burglar alarms can be very different. As a result, the repair of a burglar alarm can be difficult to do alone, which requires an expert come to repair or replace broken burglar alarms.

Prepare for your return home

Do we want to dismiss without speaking shortly of how we can prepare the house for our return. The order, cleanliness will be essential before leaving so that when we come back, we find the house clean and comfortable. There is nothing worse than getting and meet all the clutter produced by a hasty exit before the trip.

  1. Keep what you have to save. Lava slope and let it dry, ironed, folded and stored clothing.
  2. Saves frequently used items: toaster, coffee (previously clean it) and others, or let them cover to prevent dust.
  3. Thoroughly clean the house: floors, rooms, furniture, toilets…
  4. Check the washer and dryer (there are no clothes inside), oven, microwave, dishwasher.
  5. Removes perishable food from the refrigerator, and if you go a long time, consuming everything you can before the trip.
  6. Clean sinks and various channels, and use a product that preserves odors.
  7. Well ventilated before you leave and leaves sprinkled some pleasant fragrance.



In modern times, the safety systems are not only shaped by electronic devices and alarms that serve to scare thieves and other criminals and stop them from achieving enter any private property; also consist of command to report other contingencies, different but equally important: medical emergencies inside or outside the home, fires, floods and even panic buttons.

In short, offer comprehensive security and monitoring solutions which also include such further domestic situations and, unfortunately, occur much more than we would like. In this article we will tell you a little more of these security systems with the help of the market leaders in sales of home alarms in US.

Is your home safe?

Leaving aside some external incidents (robberies, assaults and similar), you should check the different rooms and places in your home, review and correct any risk factors. The security of kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, garden, terrace, basement, stairs, patio and other common sites of your home is as important as shelter from external events.

Are they protected access to housing? I own locks provide security me? Should I invest in security cameras or some other system? “Panic button” There is many questions that need an answer before considering the risk of your house has been minimized. While most of the questions are usually very obvious, most often overlooked and is indispensable to overcome these factors because then there will be no security system that can protect against such threats.

Accidents at home what do I do?

Believe it or not, domestic accidents occupy an important place in mortality rates. 80% of these accidents occur in the home environment, i.e., while typical leisure activities or issues related to everyday are made. Without wishing to alarm you, the reasons for installing alarms in your home with more than evident, at home are exposed to wounds, bruises, poisoning, fractures, bruises, burns, suffocation, etc. Accidents happen in such ordinary places like the kitchen, bathroom, living room or garden.

You have to be aware of the risks you take in your own home, lack of prevention culture that exists in our society and some kind of plan of action against this type of home emergencies. Now, do you think meet with arms crossed?

Needs of each property

The security of households does not consist, according to experts, to accumulate the greatest possible number of alarms and protection systems. Safety should be understood, however, as a “bespoke suit” designed according to the specific needs of each home, “depends on many factors, including the place where the house is suite, its height, the number of doors and windows , and so on “.

For this reason, it is recommended that facilities not instruct department stores but specialized companies, they can study the needs of each case and advise the customer.

This tailored suit is one reason why the vast majority of security systems are installed once the property has been acquired, not during construction. Proof of this is that at least 93 percent of people who have improved the protection of homes do so because they feel insecure their previous systems.

It is true, that this trend has changed slightly in recent years and, and it is becoming more common in new housing “pre-installations” alarm or security doors are placed, are made to reduce costs later.

However, security is still seen as a complement, often voluntary or buyer request itself, not as a structural element over housing. The legislation in this regard is still very basic: the basic construction, 1996, is focused primarily safety emergency as fires, gas leaks or floods.

Multiple security options for windows and enclosures

Manufacturers of security systems and burglar alarms are aware that windows and walls are one of the weaknesses of security in a home and, therefore, the market offers a variety of products and technologies to protect the reliability such accesses. Special crystals, sensors, techniques or intrusion alarms, lock and drill. Let’s see what some of the most innovative trends in this field.

Safety sheets

The laminated safety glass protection behaves as a deterrent against theft attempts. Once broken glass, keeps closed the gap to protect against intrusion of objects or people. It requires a longer time to pass the window with usual blunt objects (bricks, hammers, sticks, etc.). Security Film 3M Ultra S600 is one of the most interesting markets in this range of products.


Camouflage sensors in window frames and other enclosures is one of the measures to prevent theft trendsetters today. Two types of commonly used sensors: opening detectors and glass break detectors.

The opening sensors are equipped with a magnetic switch that activates the security system when the door or window to which it is attached is open. At the opening of the door/window produced the sensor sends a signal to the radio frequency security console. The security console can manage various sensors installed in different parts of the home. According household models can control up to 16 sensors simultaneously.

For their part, glass break detectors use a dual technology to detect breaking glass, vibration sensor and a sensor of high frequency sound, which ensures that the detector is not activated by other noises. The detector is adhered to the glass by an adhesive and sends a radio frequency signal to the Control Panel when the glass breaks.

There is a third type called pressure sensors and are suitable for high security applications. These sensors are sensitive to any sudden movement that occurs in the window or enclosure without breaking or opening or necessary.

Burglar window

The burglar windows are one of the security solutions with greater acceptance today. There are models with hardware anti lever security (with certificates indicating that meet international safety standards), closures hardened metal scattered around the perimeter of the window, riot laminated glass, handle with key and lock button and system and drill lock from the outside, thereby preventing forced entry through the window.

Top Safe system for roof window

When speaking to invest in anti-theft systems in most cases is intended exclusively for vertical trim and interior doors to protect and goes almost always forgotten roof windows can also be susceptible to intrusions.

This solution offers a patented fixing the hinges. The screws are longer and thicker, are screwed so inclined to the bottom of the timber profile sheet, protecting the manipulation of the hinges and opening from the outside. They also incorporate a reinforcing metal element of the handle housing and a strip of metal intrusion difficult using tools.

Special Shades

Installing special blinds is a measure of easy application and which is more protective layer to prevent access by the window. The market offers various solutions among which burglar shutters with self-locking system are those that hinder and prevent their forced removal from the outside. For special windows such as loft type, special shutters made of extruded aluminum which gives them greater strength.