Safety product items for babies at home

The odds of a baby suffering an injury by a domestic accident are high, but can also be prevented in most cases. In addition to monitoring the behavior of small, to create a safe home environment is advisable to make use of the various items and safety devices available today on the market.

These facilities are effective in reducing the incidence of childhood accidents and increase peace of families. Here is a list of useful devices is provided to protect babies in different areas of the house.

Safety items for the bathroom

  • Seats bath: when the baby is already able to sit, around six months, you should use for bath time beanbags. These help keep you upright and prevent, in a careless, it can slide into the water.
  • Mats and slip elements are essential to prevent small slipping and falling while bathing. These elements are fixed to the floor of the tub or shower with suction cups.
  • Protector’s taps: are manufactured in rubber, silicone or as inflatables, and are used to coat the bathtub faucet to minimize the effects of a possible accidental blow while bathing.
  • Tester’s temperature to ensure that the water temperature is correct, it is necessary to use special submersible thermometer indicating simple way if the water is too hot or cold for baby.
  • Adapters toilet: when small start using the toilet should be placed a special holder, so that the diameter is smaller and the child can use it without falling.

The safety of children in the kitchen

  • Kitchen Safety Controls: to prevent small handling keys furnace, gas stoves or electric, you can put special controls or guards that hinder their activation.
  • Safety barrier kitchens: standing on the front of the fires to prevent children from accessing them and can pull the elements at the surface.
  • Saver and locker for oven door: is located on the oven door to protect children from burns when the appliance is running or hot and prevent its opening.

Security elements for furniture

  • Corner protectors and outgoing: market you can buy different corners, flexible tapes and protective corners made ​​of silicone, foam and other soft materials to protect small accidental bruises.
  • Protection foil for glass: is a transparent sheet placed over windows or mirrors to avoid, in case of breakage, chipping and dropping them.
  • Tethers and anchor: to prevent the baby struck by something unstable furniture over, you can use different anchors and special tapes grab these to the wall. There are also special fastening tapes to fix the flat TV.
  • Roll Cords: these child safety devices are designed to prevent small handling the cords of curtains, blinds and shutters and protect bottlenecks.
  • Protector for electronic devices: prevent children from poking fingers or objects within the electronics devices such as DVD, video or DTT.
  • Plug protector: Underage avoids contact with electrical current through outlets; They are easy to install and remove needless to use electronic devices.
  • Barrier bed: to prevent the fall of small bed while sleeping, you can use different lateral devices operating as a barrier and, in general, can be folded or hide during the day.
  • Insurance for cabinets and drawers: to prevent children from accessing goods or hazardous substances arranged in closets and drawers home, there are different devices that block the opening with a security system.

Child safety gates, balconies and windows

  • Safety stops: to prevent children’s fingers caught when closing the door, you can place a simple foam plug in song or in the case of sliding doors, and some adhesives lock it impossible for that small that open uncontrolled adult.
  • Red railing: prevents children push his head through the bars of the railing balconies or interior stairs.
  • Insurance windows: to prevent children from opening the windows, you can put different types of insurance and caps that only allow opening to limit the adult point.

Safety measures to prevent a fire in your home

Security measures

Thousands of fires accidents happen in the United States, the vast majority are triggered by home issues, either by a burning candle, a cigarette badly off or even children to play near the fireplace. All this can start a small fire and end in disgrace. October is National Month Fire Prevention why we tell you what the main causes of it are and measures to prevent it.

Everett Pierce, Professor and Chairman, Department of Programs Fire Science at Anna Maria College, said that according to Fire Administration US electrical problems account for 67,800 fires, 485 deaths and $ 868 million in property losses a year , candles are an estimated 15,600 fires, 150 deaths and $ 539 million in losses. “This and other things are more than four thousand deaths and 20,000 people are injured each year in fires”.

The National Fire Protection Association says that 83% of fires at home end with a death. Therefore you must have security measures and a plan in case of fire.

  • Phil Crombie, fire chief in South Windsor, Connecticut, said that over 70% of fires occur in five areas within the house is the kitchen, bedroom, living room, basement and laundry.
  • Not having home grills charcoal or gas for cooking or frying is the best advice. Fire Administration of the United States estimates that more than 23,000 home fires are caused by candles each year. That is an average of 64% every day and 165 deaths per year as a result.
  • Instead of using the typical candles, Mark Feldstein & Associates offers a safer option. The candle Everlasting uses an LED bulb instead of a fuse and battery operated. Another similar product is Scents. Ceramic vases are using a low voltage bulb that slowly melts scented wax. They are safe to use anywhere in the home, including around kids, pets, furniture, curtains or outside on the terrace or patio.
  • Devices that use fire are dangerous. Replace them with electric fireplaces or induction hobs. “If you cannot change, delete all ashes, since you remain hot for several days and if not disposed of properly, can start a fire,” said Pierce.
  • Do not put clothes to dry near stoves or electric heaters; it has also become one of the main causes. Instead it is better to do laundry in the early hours and leave to dry clothes outdoors. To warm socks, scarves and thermal shirts, opt for hot water bottles.” Overloading electrical installation, it is one of the most common mistakes, as it may cause a short circuit. Avoid at all costs, “said Crombie. Christmas Series, electric heaters and others, it is best to keep them off while no one is home or sleeping. This also gives you a money saver.
  • Cigarettes are other causes of fires, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention of Diseases. “Do not smoke in the home or when you’re lying. Turn off water every cigarette you finish and never let encoded medium” said Phil Crombie.

Safety innovations for companies and households  

The development of new safety systems such as access control has been in response to the high wave of robberies in both homes and businesses that has occurred in recent years. Clearly the impact of the economic crisis in our society, social inequalities can be seen with ease.

Has been extreme poverty among the population giving larceny by certain sectors of our society the growth of theft can be demonstrated in the Balance Crime each quarter presents the Interior Ministry. Each time the assaults are more violent and aggressive to perform a robbery with full speed.

The absence of measures in homes as well as forgetfulness we can play tricks, endangering our goods and our physical integrity. The lack of a specific profile housing which assails difficult tasks of the various security of our country, for all types of households, both rural and urban thus assault and purchasing various levels.

One of the most important safety systems to protect homes and businesses is access control. The device monitors and identifies the various accesses ensuring that only enter and exit the authenticated personnel and personnel limiting unauthorized entry.

This system is one of the most innovative markets thanks to the various mechanisms that comprise it. It is essential to conduct a comprehensive study of the enclosure to monitor and ensure the safety of persons and property that make up the space to be protected.

The access control analyzes and verifies both the inputs and the outputs of the enclosure and restricts entry to others. It is an electronic device of high performance and high productivity resulting security. This device is fully specified for companies that require a tool providing security tasks of any perimeter.

It is a quite recurrent resource in companies with many employees or quite precious goods that need to be protected. On the market are many access control (as well as accessories and complementary components) in order to offer services that meet all needs and pockets for total protection and confidence of users.

New technologies have enabled security system innovation of high efficiency and reliability. So new electronics-based mechanisms give rise to endless security solutions major. The extensive range of security systems on the market designed with materials and devices that ensure the protection of persons and property is obvious.

The security companies private have been reinvented to offer solutions that detect, monitor and curb all hazards, whether theft, fire or gas leaks. Feel safe and secure at work or at home is possible thanks to innovations in different security systems on the market.

Safety in your home, room by room

Kitchen Safety

  • Search tag UL (Underwriter Laboratories) when buying appliances.
  • Make sure your kitchen area and sink are well-lit.
  • Dry your hands well before using appliances.
  • Replace damaged appliances and extensions that require it.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher near the kitchen.
  • Install devices to prevent burns from hot water in the kitchen sink, tub and shower. Several market cutting water when it exceeds a certain temperature.

Security services

  • Learns are located where water and gas valves as close them if necessary.
  • Brand water lines and gas.
  • Learn how to light the pilot gas appliances.
  • Contact the gas companies if you detect a leak.
  • Learn where is located the main switch your electric service as off.
  • Familiarize yourself with the fuse rating of electrical circuits.
  • Check your fuses or switches are properly labeled.
  • Always determines that a fuse has blown or circuit breaker is activated and correct the problem before changing it.
  • Ten Extra fuses and off the main light switch before changing any.
  • Make sure your washer and dryer provided with an earth.
  • Keep items or objects like clothes in closets away from hot spots to avoid fire.

Security in the living room, family room and bedrooms

  • Keep the area’s most well-lit busy.
  • Install night lights in bedrooms for guests and children.
  • Your home must have enough outlets to avoid multiple connections.
  • Inspect the smoke detectors regularly.
  • Make sure the stairs are well lit with dampers in the bottom and top.

Bathroom safety

  • Remove any device near the area of ​​the sink or tub. If you have a hair dryer, electric shaver or any other appliance, unplug them before bathing a child as a precaution.
  • Although the devices are turned off even consume energy. Therefore, if an appliance falls into water, unplug it. Never try to out of the water when it is still connected.
  • When filling the tub to bathe your child, open the cold water tap first, then hot water. Once the water reaches the desired level, turn off the hot water first and then cold water.
  • Before placing the child in the tub tap water. If you think it’s a bit warm, maybe this too hot for him.
  • Do not put your child in the bathtub when running water, and never leave him alone even for a minute.
  • You can install sensors and anti-scald pressure to maintain the same water temperature, even when changing the water pressure.

Safety in the workshop and garage

  • Make sure your workshop count with good lighting and ventilation.
  • Keep tools out of reach of children.
  • Extension cords must have the capacity to withstand the voltage of the tool or device you want to use.
  • The tools must be disconnected when they are not being used.
  • Use goggles to protect your eyes when you’re working.
  • Inspect the garage door regularly to ensure it is working safely.
  • Keep your water heater to less than 120 degrees. If you cannot adjust the temperature, ask a plumber or contractor to do so, or call him to ask your landlord to do so.

Safety in the home

The concept of security should go beyond the installation of an alarm. You should start with the steps involved in all security risks in a broad sense. We recommend:

  1. Hiring of safe housing. Hire a good insurance for your home. Your home is one of your most valuable possessions do not take risks. Possess insurance capable of dealing with unforeseen problems.
  2. Hygiene. One of the most serious threats to the safety of home hazards is given by the hygiene of your home. Invest in hygiene. For example: maintenance and cleaning of air conditioning ducts, painting, space fumigation periodic risk … etc.
  3. Security alarm. Consider any proposal of good specialists if at home keeps valuables (works of art, jewelry, etc.). Today’s technology provides more resources than installing alarms. The advances in automation can help you install facing very effective anti-theft protection and personal intelligent surveillance systems.
  4. Security against domestic accidents. Hospitals are aware of the dangers posed by domestic sphere through the numerous accidents that take place in a house. Investing in solving and preventing risks of potential accidents: electrical, fall arrest, dangerous spaces, firefighting equipment, safe custody of hazardous materials … are good measures.

The concept of home security may be given by many other than that we will occupy us in greater detail Phillip Olsen aspects. These are topics discussed:

  • Theft or anti-theft security for home, villa or house in general.
  • Safety Tips
  • Security measures at home
  • Security systems for home
  • Security against domestic accidents


The demands on security systems or mechanisms are constantly increasing. Personal and residential protection is an important aspect that every citizen should consider when protecting their property and even their personal integrity.

Comprehensive security is the concept that you should consider if you want to protect your home. There are systems containing from sensory alarms, sirens, automatic reflectors, doormen video, sophisticated locks and peripheral controllers until time for the operation of electrical household protection.

All this complemented by a monitoring service 24 hours, from a plant that constantly monitors the security mechanisms of the house, verifies the authenticity of alarms and is connected directly with the police, fire department or the Red Cross to give notice in if necessary.

Protection starts at the periphery of your home. The concertinas, replacing the barbed wire, are useful if your home has low walls. They are made in carbon fiber, making them almost unbreakable and have a bold look for the thief. In this line you can also locate the electrified fences are an effective mechanism.

Lighting is something traditional to mislead those trying to enter a house. And this combined with a mechanism for automatic activation of lights, is as effective when you arrive late at night at home, as when a thief want to enter him and is surprised by the sudden ignition of the exterior or interior reflectors feeling trapped.

The video intercom is an audio-visual mechanism, the monitor can be placed anywhere in the house and can be connected to five different points, according to the inputs of the house. This way I view and listen to the person who is hitting just press the corresponding button to the desired input.

The outer doors of the houses require special attention. Currently there are very sophisticated and virtually inviolable locks. Its mechanism is activated automatically depending on the number of turns them to be closed or open and fit on all four sides of the door, penetrating inside the frame and floor.

On windows and doors alarms, which are activated when any of the media fails to make contact is installed.

For indoors or mini- small sensory alarm devices, which can be placed inside the drawers deals tables or toilet and are activated and give alarm with only a small movement are used.

The comprehensive security also protects the inherent dangers of accidents caused by faulty electrical or water supply apparatus.


The infrared alarms placed at strategic locations or high risk detects smoke. The water level indicators issued an emergency notice if levels are coated tub.

Movies safety glasses are useful when a natural disaster or explosion of a show, because it does not allow glasses to disintegrate. Note that traditional measures of forecasting coupled with new technologies available on the market can complicate the work of thieves and prevent accidents at home.

Remote control and emergency buttons

If you decide to take action for your safety and that of your family, you have to wonder what security system is better. In this case, you need a complete monitoring and security system that includes protection for such accidents. If you or any of your relatives any eventuality happens, you will have a command has options for different situations: panic button medical emergencies and coercion. Just some of these actions, a unique and custom alert will be activated on the Alarm Receiving Centre to contact with the authorities or services suitable to come to your house as soon as possible.

Fortunately, the trend is that companies of security systems, providing support in emergencies and improve response times to avoid further irreparable damage. Clearly, having the ability to streamline the process to meet a contingency touch of a button, means that increasingly more people who want to hire these services, ideal to feel safe and calm.

Without any doubt, it is essential that between you and your family get organized to get together a safe place to live and change certain habits and customs that may violate any of you instead. Additionally, as we are human and therefore are not infallible, is very useful to hire security services for both you and your family can stay safe even in the most extreme situations.

Alarms are the perfect partner to take you by the hand control, monitoring and home security. What are you waiting to join the group of lucky people who can calm sleep every night? Can you imagine leaving home without fear of something happening? You will not regret to feel protected home alarm system.


Recommendations for safety in the home

Recommendations within the home

Have all the doors and windows secured, with its properly installed bolts. It is good that the doors have one against security; they must be located in the upper part of the door to reinforce the entry.

None of the windows will be open to the street, in the same form; the door must remain closed, make sure that from the outside are not displayed persons or belongings of value having.

When you receive visits of unknown citizens, treats people over the intercom, or out the window, but do not directly open the doors. Do not trust uniform that brings the person visiting him, cases of theft have been reported in house, where the victims open the doors to people that they pose as employees of institutions and then execute the robbery.

Be very careful when you receive phone calls, there are unscrupulous people who called to provide a service or ensure that it is to update the data, and manage to extract valuable information for future scams.

At home, locate in a place like the refrigerator, all phones in emergencies, doctors, hospitals, ambulances, as well as closest relatives, so if some incident occurs they may have access to information quickly.

Outside the home

Visit the nearest to their home community police unit, and to police servers will go in case of an emergency. Consult with them on the operation of the free service “Address on request”, which consists of ordered his house to the police while you is absent for reasons which require doing so. Learn as much as possible what neighbors are, and leave travel, or to work, notify a neighbor in confidence that you will not be at home.

If you are renting or buying a House

Try to find out what are their neighbors, it is possible that they may be people who may later help you in something, as well as also it may be people who may be putting at risk their safety. Check access to their new home facilities to provide all securities case, check emergency exits if it’s a building.

Safety devices

If you have the possibility to install security systems, advice which is most suitable for your home and at which site should be located to maximize investment. In case of key for safety, allow only persons of their trust handled them.

Reasons for protecting your home with burglar alarms

Accounts with support from authorities

When an unexpected event occurs in your home, perhaps your reaction time is very short and cannot do anything about it. But when you have a security system burglar this also monitored by a central, you can be sure someone will come to your rescue and to install this type of backup devices not only get that but at the same time, will be getting support from authorities such as police, fire and emergency, without the need to have to alert them yourself manually. You can rest easy knowing that your alarm will take care of it.

Thanks to surveillance systems are connected to a central alarm reception will be such personnel who are responsible for going to the appropriate authorities, while you occupy to get you and your family safe, while help arrives.

Helps repel thugs

Alarm systems for homes, is a surefire way to scare off intruders who want to break into your property method. The reason is not only the simple fact that you alert you and the central support, but moreover, the alarm sound will scare the thugs, making them flee.

As anti-theft devices installed on doors, windows and other access points, if someone were to detonate one of those motion sensors when trying to enter your home by force will activate sirens to advise that has been discovered. And, being the latent possibility that the police find his way, they will prefer to escape surely be caught sooner.

This is a very good reason to install safety equipment, as mentioned in your home since it represents a benefit in the short and long term, this is not a high spending, rather it is an investment, but if you feel nervous about the cost of these systems choose to use a comparison alarms and be sure you pay the right price and also can protect your family and property.

Alert the neighborhood

Whether you’re being a victim of a burglary or risk an incident, you enjoy the support of a security system has occurred, will play an important role in alerting the existence of danger to you and yours, as for those who live around your home and also could be affected.

Here comes another benefit of great weight, that being made aware that something serious happens, your neighbors may collaborate to call the authorities or even come to your aid. Note that the alarms are even more effective if you include strobe lights outside your home, so you will know exactly where the emergency occurs.

It protects you

Surely the reason of more value to acquire safety devices for home alarm is to ensure the protection of your family during each hour of the day and every day of the year. This way you can be sure they will be safe at home, even when you find yourself far away.

In addition, if you also accounts monitoring service for surveillance cameras that offer security companies, you’ll be more relaxed knowing you have a high level of safeguard for your family and therefore for you. You can sleep in peace making sure that if something does happen, soon everything will return to normal.

Are these along with many more reasons why having a burglar alarm system is so fundamental in your home? Without the need for a huge expense, you get to have your guarded housing and minimize the risks of unwanted events occur.

Protecting our home for the holidays

The days of well-deserved break you had at this time can be used by thieves to enter our home and steal valuables. To try to avoid this unpleasant fact, we leave some tips to protect our home.

The holiday periods are the most suitable timing by thieves when assaulting an address to the assurance that they will not find anyone in it.

It is therefore very important to take some precautions when you planned to be away from our home for a longer or shorter period of time and perform a series of actions that will “throw” to potential assailants on our presence or not at home.

There are very simple tips to follow that can prevent a theft when you are gone:

  • Comment alone with the people closest we’re going to be absent.
  • When leaving home, make sure you have closed all the windows and doors to the house.
  • To make it appear that the house is inhabited, it is very useful to install light timers, stop hanging clothes or blinds half closed.
  • Get off the phone ring so that calls are not heard repeatedly and denote our absence.
  • If you’re going to be out a long time, you should ask a trusted neighbor to collect our mail from the mailbox.
  • Hinder those elements that facilitate access to our house, especially in the case of individual houses.
  • Install an alarm system and a good security door.
  • Do not shut off the electricity because, for example, disconnected the doorbell door is a sign of absence.
  • Take a picture of the jewels and valuables you have.

However, if getting to our house observes any signs that make us think that the gateway has been enforced, you should call the police immediately and do not touch or move anything that may have been manipulated by thieves.