Comfort and safety in the home

Home automation is the future in the home. This automation of the equipment and systems of a house improves the quality of life of its inhabitants and also reduces by more than 10% the consumption of energy in the home. Comfort, security, savings and communication are some of the pillars of the success of this technological revolution increasingly present in homes.

By means of the home automation there is a greater comfort since the user can not only turn the lights on or turn the blinds up and down automatically, but also, it can do it at a distance, from the mobile phone and only by activating a button.

Automating the lighting and lowering of the blinds at a certain time or detecting the presence of people in the different rooms to turn on or off the air conditioning and lighting systems result in a decrease in electricity consumption.

The demotic also allows that the awnings are lowered when the external climatic conditions so require, and receive warnings in cases of failures or floods.

In the area of ​​security, it is a plus to take into account being able to see what is happening in our home from the mobile phone, whether previously installed interior or exterior security cameras, and to activate the alarm at a distance.

From the mobile phone it is possible to control the home systems.

Turning the television on or off, raising the volume of the stereo or lighting certain rooms in the house even though there is no one inside can also be interesting options when it comes to ensuring home security.

But these types of systems are not left there, but even make it possible to divert the video door entry from the apartment to the mobile, talk to the person who is calling and even open the door.

The savings are also directed to the consumption of water, through intelligent control of irrigation of the gardens that are put into operation only when necessary, give warning in case of flood and cut off the supply.

The home automation also allows to know the cost of each action or decision that is taken, in addition to detecting the malfunction of the equipment installed in the house.

The demotic systems are adapted to the characteristics of each house and the needs of their owners, and are highly interesting for the first homes but also for holiday homes, given the effectiveness of their remote control.