How to circumvent the security system in your home

Many homes have security systems to keep out thieves and robbers or teenagers inside. There are some simple tricks you can use to avoid detection to leave your house if you have a security system.

  1. Choose an escape route. For many teens, this would be the window of his room. But if there is a more convenient location, use it.
  2. Identify the mechanism. Many security systems using a set of magnets or a button are held down when the door or window is closed.
  3. Deceives the mechanism. Whether it’s a magnet sensor, you can put a refrigerator magnet in the sensor to trick and tell the door is closed. If more sophisticated, maybe you need to remove the magnet of the movable part of the window or door and put it on the sensor. If a button is usually a bit of tape or a Popsicle stick and some glue will work. To turn off a motion sensor, just cover it with a dark cloth so you cannot see “” Warning: Covering a motion sensor will be pretty obvious. “‘.


  • Try not to damage the window or door to make sure it is not too obvious.
  • You might want to re-set the device in its original position when not planning to escape.
  • Be sure to test your system before using it!


  • Your parents usually want the best for you and put rules and restrictions for good reason.
  • Make sure you’re not out at illegal hours in your area or they could arrest you.
  • Keep in mind that doing this with your security system may also enter thieves, etc…
  • “Make sure you hold the tape; otherwise the alarm will be activated and your parents awake”

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