How to have more security in our house

When designing your home:

Take the concept of “defensible space”, this means having the different perspectives of the front entrance.

Must be close enough to the neighboring houses:

As for help in an emergency and allow visual communication by signs or by means exclude the phone.

Have not registered phone numbers and limit the distribution of these numbers.

During the summer:

The thief looking for homes with air conditioners noisy “if you sleep so deeply that the device cannot hear nor listen to the thief.

In the winter:

The thief looking for indications that the houses inhabited by elderly people these had gone in search of warmer climes. Many of these people leave the very low heat, and then way too morning frost on the outside of the windows.

The active burglar alarm:

As evidence and hides in the bushes to see if the owner, police or serenazgo presented. After a while you can see that nobody bothered. Then the thief enters the house and gets down to work.

Do not leave home alone:

Whenever possible a person should stay at home.

Let always on your radio or TV:

To give the appearance that there is someone, so that it can be heard by someone who is close to your main or back door.

More lights, less theft:

Leave some lights on when you leave your house at night, give the appearance that someone is , this confuses the thief.

Be alert:

Know your neighbors and their vehicles. If you see a stranger or an unknown car, suspiciously down the number plate shoot, communicate its neighbors in the presence of strangers, in any case call the national police.

Use the lookout (magic eye) of the door to check the identity of people:

For safety, install a gazebo in the front door, allowing you to identify the visitor as well as check their credentials or identity, without opening the door.

Beware the unexpected:

Be cautious of delivering unexpected goods, it calls for service (water, electricity, telephone, construction, repairs, etc…) If delivery of unexpected goods instruct the person in charge to leave the package in front of his door, if having to sign any guide , tell that underneath the door you pass the paper to sign . The package will pick you taking the necessary precautions.

If you go home and think there is a thief in:

Do not enter your home to find out. Go to a neighbor’s house and call the national police.

At what time stolen?

Usually when the housewives go to market shopping (09.00 to 12.00 hrs.).

In the afternoon between 15.00 to 18.00 hrs.

In the evening hours between 18.00 to 21.00 hrs.

If you know there is a thief at home:

If you can, get out of the house fast, but lock yourself in a room and put lock on the door.

Then the phone call to the national police for help. If there is no phone in the room, open the window and shout for supporting their neighbors.

Park your car in the driveway:

Instead of putting the car in the garage, you park it outdoors, inside the security fence. This insecurity created by the thief.

Security in their garage:

Do not rely. You’re not safe until you have been locked doors and is satisfied that no entered while you are out of the car to close.

” Motorists robbers , thieves and burglars handbags purple have become accustomed to attack their victims in the garages , which are becoming one of the most dangerous areas of the house.”

If you find you have entered your home:

Call the police if they have committed a crime. If so: do not touch anything. Do not try to accommodate the mess left by the offenders.

Nor try to close doors and windows, for all the clues and fingerprints are in the maze left by the criminals.

It is recommended not to manipulate any object Lab experts found traces easily. Otherwise, the work may be more difficult.

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