Multiple security options for windows and enclosures

Manufacturers of security systems and burglar alarms are aware that windows and walls are one of the weaknesses of security in a home and, therefore, the market offers a variety of products and technologies to protect the reliability such accesses. Special crystals, sensors, techniques or intrusion alarms, lock and drill. Let’s see what some of the most innovative trends in this field.

Safety sheets

The laminated safety glass protection behaves as a deterrent against theft attempts. Once broken glass, keeps closed the gap to protect against intrusion of objects or people. It requires a longer time to pass the window with usual blunt objects (bricks, hammers, sticks, etc.). Security Film 3M Ultra S600 is one of the most interesting markets in this range of products.


Camouflage sensors in window frames and other enclosures is one of the measures to prevent theft trendsetters today. Two types of commonly used sensors: opening detectors and glass break detectors.

The opening sensors are equipped with a magnetic switch that activates the security system when the door or window to which it is attached is open. At the opening of the door/window produced the sensor sends a signal to the radio frequency security console. The security console can manage various sensors installed in different parts of the home. According household models can control up to 16 sensors simultaneously.

For their part, glass break detectors use a dual technology to detect breaking glass, vibration sensor and a sensor of high frequency sound, which ensures that the detector is not activated by other noises. The detector is adhered to the glass by an adhesive and sends a radio frequency signal to the Control Panel when the glass breaks.

There is a third type called pressure sensors and are suitable for high security applications. These sensors are sensitive to any sudden movement that occurs in the window or enclosure without breaking or opening or necessary.

Burglar window

The burglar windows are one of the security solutions with greater acceptance today. There are models with hardware anti lever security (with certificates indicating that meet international safety standards), closures hardened metal scattered around the perimeter of the window, riot laminated glass, handle with key and lock button and system and drill lock from the outside, thereby preventing forced entry through the window.

Top Safe system for roof window

When speaking to invest in anti-theft systems in most cases is intended exclusively for vertical trim and interior doors to protect and goes almost always forgotten roof windows can also be susceptible to intrusions.

This solution offers a patented fixing the hinges. The screws are longer and thicker, are screwed so inclined to the bottom of the timber profile sheet, protecting the manipulation of the hinges and opening from the outside. They also incorporate a reinforcing metal element of the handle housing and a strip of metal intrusion difficult using tools.

Special Shades

Installing special blinds is a measure of easy application and which is more protective layer to prevent access by the window. The market offers various solutions among which burglar shutters with self-locking system are those that hinder and prevent their forced removal from the outside. For special windows such as loft type, special shutters made of extruded aluminum which gives them greater strength.