Needs of each property

The security of households does not consist, according to experts, to accumulate the greatest possible number of alarms and protection systems. Safety should be understood, however, as a “bespoke suit” designed according to the specific needs of each home, “depends on many factors, including the place where the house is suite, its height, the number of doors and windows , and so on “.

For this reason, it is recommended that facilities not instruct department stores but specialized companies, they can study the needs of each case and advise the customer.

This tailored suit is one reason why the vast majority of security systems are installed once the property has been acquired, not during construction. Proof of this is that at least 93 percent of people who have improved the protection of homes do so because they feel insecure their previous systems.

It is true, that this trend has changed slightly in recent years and, and it is becoming more common in new housing “pre-installations” alarm or security doors are placed, are made to reduce costs later.

However, security is still seen as a complement, often voluntary or buyer request itself, not as a structural element over housing. The legislation in this regard is still very basic: the basic construction, 1996, is focused primarily safety emergency as fires, gas leaks or floods.