In modern times, the safety systems are not only shaped by electronic devices and alarms that serve to scare thieves and other criminals and stop them from achieving enter any private property; also consist of command to report other contingencies, different but equally important: medical emergencies inside or outside the home, fires, floods and even panic buttons.

In short, offer comprehensive security and monitoring solutions which also include such further domestic situations and, unfortunately, occur much more than we would like. In this article we will tell you a little more of these security systems with the help of the market leaders in sales of home alarms in US.

Is your home safe?

Leaving aside some external incidents (robberies, assaults and similar), you should check the different rooms and places in your home, review and correct any risk factors. The security of kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, garden, terrace, basement, stairs, patio and other common sites of your home is as important as shelter from external events.

Are they protected access to housing? I own locks provide security me? Should I invest in security cameras or some other system? “Panic button” There is many questions that need an answer before considering the risk of your house has been minimized. While most of the questions are usually very obvious, most often overlooked and is indispensable to overcome these factors because then there will be no security system that can protect against such threats.

Accidents at home what do I do?

Believe it or not, domestic accidents occupy an important place in mortality rates. 80% of these accidents occur in the home environment, i.e., while typical leisure activities or issues related to everyday are made. Without wishing to alarm you, the reasons for installing alarms in your home with more than evident, at home are exposed to wounds, bruises, poisoning, fractures, bruises, burns, suffocation, etc. Accidents happen in such ordinary places like the kitchen, bathroom, living room or garden.

You have to be aware of the risks you take in your own home, lack of prevention culture that exists in our society and some kind of plan of action against this type of home emergencies. Now, do you think meet with arms crossed?