Precautions and safety measures for your holiday home

One of the recurring concerns that we are often assaulted when we go on a trip is if our house will be safe and protected from the friends of others. So that we do not worry if they come to steal at home, we must take into account a series of practical tips that will facilitate us to fall asleep during our holiday period and will make their intentions difficult for the shards.

  1. One of the easiest and easiest actions to do is to ask someone you trust to visit our home periodically. Even if it is just to water the plants, remove the mail or open the blinds, these simple gestures will indicate that there is movement in our home and will give up most of the thieves. In addition, having someone you trust has a copy of our keys will help us to know firsthand if you have noticed something suspicious or if everything is correct.
  2. It is not advisable to comment publicly when and where to go on vacation. Only our close friends and friends should be aware of our absence. In the same way, we will avoid publishing, as much as possible, relevant data about our holidays in social networks. Friends of others also use Facebook, Twitter and What Sapp.
  3. If we store jewelry, watches or valuables in our house, it is advisable to keep them safe in a safe. If they do not have one, another alternative would be to deposit them in the safe deposit boxes available to the banks.
  4. If we live in a flat or block of houses we must carefully analyze its characteristics to reinforce the security measures and avoid an unexpected displeasure. If we live in a small community it is much easier for neighbors to meet, relate to each other and be aware of strange movements. If, instead, we live in a detached house away from the population centers, we can hire a security service or install an alarm that communicates directly with the police.
  5. Technology can be our great ally to prevent us from being robbed in our own home. If the aforementioned alarms add the possibility of installing webcams to connect with our house from our mobile or home automation items that automatically turn on lights or close and raise blinds, we can provide our home with a reliable security system with which we can Quiet enjoyment of our vacation.
  6. An effective and simple trick is to leave the curtains closed and vary the height of the blinds, either by a timer, or by the visit of a neighbor or someone you trust. Varying the height of the blinds we will get to see that there is movement in our house and with the curtains closed the shards will have more difficult to know if there are people or not. Other people choose to leave clothes lying around to make them look like they are at home or will not be away for too long.
  7. If all these measures seem insufficient you can also contract home insurance to cover thefts, fires, floods and any type of incident that may occur in your absence. The most cautious opt for this option, since these coverage’s are designed to cover all types of material damages and expenses incurred, either by theft or by catastrophe. Of course, we must be methodical and organized and keep all the bills of our valuables and write down their serial number to facilitate the work of the police in case they have robbed us. In this way, we can prove to our insurance the losses and damages caused by the theft.