Prepare for your return home

Do we want to dismiss without speaking shortly of how we can prepare the house for our return. The order, cleanliness will be essential before leaving so that when we come back, we find the house clean and comfortable. There is nothing worse than getting and meet all the clutter produced by a hasty exit before the trip.

  1. Keep what you have to save. Lava slope and let it dry, ironed, folded and stored clothing.
  2. Saves frequently used items: toaster, coffee (previously clean it) and others, or let them cover to prevent dust.
  3. Thoroughly clean the house: floors, rooms, furniture, toilets…
  4. Check the washer and dryer (there are no clothes inside), oven, microwave, dishwasher.
  5. Removes perishable food from the refrigerator, and if you go a long time, consuming everything you can before the trip.
  6. Clean sinks and various channels, and use a product that preserves odors.
  7. Well ventilated before you leave and leaves sprinkled some pleasant fragrance.