Protect your home and car thefts

Apart from the effective assistance provided by the comprehensive safety systems, you must also meet certain tasks to join forces against crime.

Theft Protection at Home

  • With these six simple tips and you will be one step ahead:
  • Establish a routine security, make sure that doors and windows are closed and alarm systems are activated.
  • Avoid giving information to unidentified people call you by phone.
  • Do not write your address on ads selling items.
  • Notify the police if you see unknown or suspicious persons in your area.
  • Take care of the keys to your house. Never Porte on a keychain that has the home address or leave them in your car if the latter parked in a public parking lot.
  • Do not hide house keys in a secret location outside your home. Thieves always know where to look.

Prevent Theft of Your Car

Car thefts unfortunately have become an everyday situation. So you do not become a victim of this crime, the most important is prevention; here are some tips for you:

  • Park in insurance and lit places.
  • Engage the parking brake and lock the steering wheel.
  • Always leave your vehicle locked and the safety catch.
  • Constantly check the status of locks and safe.
  • When driving, do it with activated safe and ideally windows closed.
  • Do not keep or leave vehicle documents inside.
  • Provide the installation of safety devices, sound or power cuts or cuts fuel supply.
  • Ideally, record the license plates on the glass, as it is shown to be an important deterrent to theft.
  • Do not leave packages, clothing or species of value in sight.

If stolen phone immediately call the local station and then go to the nearest police unit to formulate the complaint.