Protecting our home for the holidays

The days of well-deserved break you had at this time can be used by thieves to enter our home and steal valuables. To try to avoid this unpleasant fact, we leave some tips to protect our home.

The holiday periods are the most suitable timing by thieves when assaulting an address to the assurance that they will not find anyone in it.

It is therefore very important to take some precautions when you planned to be away from our home for a longer or shorter period of time and perform a series of actions that will “throw” to potential assailants on our presence or not at home.

There are very simple tips to follow that can prevent a theft when you are gone:

  • Comment alone with the people closest we’re going to be absent.
  • When leaving home, make sure you have closed all the windows and doors to the house.
  • To make it appear that the house is inhabited, it is very useful to install light timers, stop hanging clothes or blinds half closed.
  • Get off the phone ring so that calls are not heard repeatedly and denote our absence.
  • If you’re going to be out a long time, you should ask a trusted neighbor to collect our mail from the mailbox.
  • Hinder those elements that facilitate access to our house, especially in the case of individual houses.
  • Install an alarm system and a good security door.
  • Do not shut off the electricity because, for example, disconnected the doorbell door is a sign of absence.
  • Take a picture of the jewels and valuables you have.

However, if getting to our house observes any signs that make us think that the gateway has been enforced, you should call the police immediately and do not touch or move anything that may have been manipulated by thieves.