Protection tips for your home choosing the right security doors

The economic situation has led to an increase in robberies in empty houses. In just a couple of hours and without people inside thieves can force a lock or a door and rob our home of valuables.

That is why one of the advice offered by security experts is to install a security guarded door that prevents access to the cacaos to the house. The recommendation is that it be of class 4 and that the lock also has a high protection to the violent actions of the thieves.

Before choosing a security door you should know that these doors must meet some requirements of structure and quality to obtain a high degree of certification of resistance anti-theft and so you can feel safe in your home.

We cannot ignore that a good security door serves as a deterrent to thieves, so do not hesitate to invest the money as necessary as it is an essential element in your home to protect your belongings and your family for a long time.

Even so, it is essential to update the security systems of our doors of entry from time to time to include the most advanced technologies that prevent any thief can sneak into our home.

Some tips for choosing a security door are as follows:

Avoid hollow doors

Avoid hollow doors made of varnished wood that hide a cardboard core inside. They can be used for the interior, but not for the exterior, both for entrance doors as rear doors or garage.


Ensure that the door is constructed of solid materials such as wood, fiberglass or metal, or even wood veneers but with solid wood core.


It is highly recommended that they are always locked and that they have a high quality lock. Safety door locks of class 4 can withstand the action of a lever or even blows with hammers or screwdrivers, something that the normal locks would not support.

It is advisable to install a double cylinder lock if there are glass windows on the doors or next to them. To open this type of lock is necessary a key, both from the outside as from the interior.


To complete the security system of a door you can choose to install a window to know who is behind the door.

At Timber plan we recommend class 4 security doors, the highest certification in security doors for homes according to the standard UNE EN 1627. A certification that ensures the customer a high level of resistance to shocks and actions with various tools.

Security specialist

In addition, he has been working for a long time not to leave aside design and appearance, and combine it with a robust and safe interior. Good taste is not at odds with safety and the doors of this brand possess elegance and style.

And to top it off, has designed a series of designs that allows the integration of entrance doors, garage doors and even interior doors, such as its Domino range. A perfect symbiosis that brings the aesthetic coherence from the garage to the interior.

Security doors are armored doors with an internal structure of sheet steel with a high breaking strength in theft attempts.

The high security exterior doors thus have excellent performance. The class 4 offers a high level of safety, as well as great resistance to inclement weather, noise reduction, thermal insulation and durability. They are the most suitable for luxury homes, isolated constructions, single-family homes or semi-detached chalets.

These types of doors are classified, according to their different structures, as class 2, class 3 and class 4, which is the highest security certification. We already talked about the kinds of security gates in another post. Everything so that the client can choose his security door according to the needs of each house since it is not the same a door in a mansion, a detached house, a house or an apartment.

Security door Secure

An example of security doors of the highest class suitable for a home can be found in the Italian brand, which enjoys a high prestige in this type of security products.

One of star gates in terms of safety is the secure model, which in turn maintains a high level of design and elegance. Secure has an internal structure with three reinforcements that certifies it as class 4 in anti-theft resistance.

It has several safety locks,   six fixed screws and the lock has European cylinder with anti-drill protection. The interior structure of the door is composed of a double sheet of galvanized steel (12/10 thickness), insulated with polyethylene and with three reinforcements. The frame has a thickness of 20/10, the frame has the same thickness with galvanized steel sheet.

The certifications of this door reach class 4 in theft resistance, class 3 in wind resistance, class in wind permeability and 40 dB noise reduction. It is a good choice, although there are more choices in the market that meet the requirements of the class 4 safety certificate.