Recommendations for safety in the home

Recommendations within the home

Have all the doors and windows secured, with its properly installed bolts. It is good that the doors have one against security; they must be located in the upper part of the door to reinforce the entry.

None of the windows will be open to the street, in the same form; the door must remain closed, make sure that from the outside are not displayed persons or belongings of value having.

When you receive visits of unknown citizens, treats people over the intercom, or out the window, but do not directly open the doors. Do not trust uniform that brings the person visiting him, cases of theft have been reported in house, where the victims open the doors to people that they pose as employees of institutions and then execute the robbery.

Be very careful when you receive phone calls, there are unscrupulous people who called to provide a service or ensure that it is to update the data, and manage to extract valuable information for future scams.

At home, locate in a place like the refrigerator, all phones in emergencies, doctors, hospitals, ambulances, as well as closest relatives, so if some incident occurs they may have access to information quickly.

Outside the home

Visit the nearest to their home community police unit, and to police servers will go in case of an emergency. Consult with them on the operation of the free service “Address on request”, which consists of ordered his house to the police while you is absent for reasons which require doing so. Learn as much as possible what neighbors are, and leave travel, or to work, notify a neighbor in confidence that you will not be at home.

If you are renting or buying a House

Try to find out what are their neighbors, it is possible that they may be people who may later help you in something, as well as also it may be people who may be putting at risk their safety. Check access to their new home facilities to provide all securities case, check emergency exits if it’s a building.

Safety devices

If you have the possibility to install security systems, advice which is most suitable for your home and at which site should be located to maximize investment. In case of key for safety, allow only persons of their trust handled them.