Safety at home

The good data are always shared. Especially when these are good advice that help us all, and in this case we share.

We rarely consider the safety of our home. There are simple and very effective ways to increase security. The simple alarms and motion sensors are an excellent choice. When we are not in our home for reasons of travel, vacations or because there are no security guards in the community where we live.

Another effective measure is the high security locks. They are plates and locks that have steel cylinders and several pins, which makes it difficult to be busted or open with pickpockets. To install high security locks. We simply have to hire the services of a locksmith or locksmith at home.

The home security market is wide and varied for all types of pockets and possibilities. In addition to security accessories such as alarms and spy cameras or Internet IP cameras. There are mechanical type devices that help make it difficult to open doors and windows.

They are multi-purpose blockers similar to the “pins” of old houses. These blockers are placed in each of the windows and doors of the interior of the residence.

These can also be easily installed in motion sensors. In the event that someone breaks or attempts to enter their home violently when it is uninhabited, the sensors activate and send a radio signal to a remote control receiver. Thus the homeowner can request to verify their home remotely by a security center, or a family member, or a trusted neighbor.

In this case it is important to make a change of the combination of the lock and copies of new keys.