The demands on security systems or mechanisms are constantly increasing. Personal and residential protection is an important aspect that every citizen should consider when protecting their property and even their personal integrity.

Comprehensive security is the concept that you should consider if you want to protect your home. There are systems containing from sensory alarms, sirens, automatic reflectors, doormen video, sophisticated locks and peripheral controllers until time for the operation of electrical household protection.

All this complemented by a monitoring service 24 hours, from a plant that constantly monitors the security mechanisms of the house, verifies the authenticity of alarms and is connected directly with the police, fire department or the Red Cross to give notice in if necessary.

Protection starts at the periphery of your home. The concertinas, replacing the barbed wire, are useful if your home has low walls. They are made in carbon fiber, making them almost unbreakable and have a bold look for the thief. In this line you can also locate the electrified fences are an effective mechanism.

Lighting is something traditional to mislead those trying to enter a house. And this combined with a mechanism for automatic activation of lights, is as effective when you arrive late at night at home, as when a thief want to enter him and is surprised by the sudden ignition of the exterior or interior reflectors feeling trapped.

The video intercom is an audio-visual mechanism, the monitor can be placed anywhere in the house and can be connected to five different points, according to the inputs of the house. This way I view and listen to the person who is hitting just press the corresponding button to the desired input.

The outer doors of the houses require special attention. Currently there are very sophisticated and virtually inviolable locks. Its mechanism is activated automatically depending on the number of turns them to be closed or open and fit on all four sides of the door, penetrating inside the frame and floor.

On windows and doors alarms, which are activated when any of the media fails to make contact is installed.

For indoors or mini- small sensory alarm devices, which can be placed inside the drawers deals tables or toilet and are activated and give alarm with only a small movement are used.

The comprehensive security also protects the inherent dangers of accidents caused by faulty electrical or water supply apparatus.


The infrared alarms placed at strategic locations or high risk detects smoke. The water level indicators issued an emergency notice if levels are coated tub.

Movies safety glasses are useful when a natural disaster or explosion of a show, because it does not allow glasses to disintegrate. Note that traditional measures of forecasting coupled with new technologies available on the market can complicate the work of thieves and prevent accidents at home.