Safety measures to prevent a fire in your home

Security measures

Thousands of fires accidents happen in the United States, the vast majority are triggered by home issues, either by a burning candle, a cigarette badly off or even children to play near the fireplace. All this can start a small fire and end in disgrace. October is National Month Fire Prevention why we tell you what the main causes of it are and measures to prevent it.

Everett Pierce, Professor and Chairman, Department of Programs Fire Science at Anna Maria College, said that according to Fire Administration US electrical problems account for 67,800 fires, 485 deaths and $ 868 million in property losses a year , candles are an estimated 15,600 fires, 150 deaths and $ 539 million in losses. “This and other things are more than four thousand deaths and 20,000 people are injured each year in fires”.

The National Fire Protection Association says that 83% of fires at home end with a death. Therefore you must have security measures and a plan in case of fire.

  • Phil Crombie, fire chief in South Windsor, Connecticut, said that over 70% of fires occur in five areas within the house is the kitchen, bedroom, living room, basement and laundry.
  • Not having home grills charcoal or gas for cooking or frying is the best advice. Fire Administration of the United States estimates that more than 23,000 home fires are caused by candles each year. That is an average of 64% every day and 165 deaths per year as a result.
  • Instead of using the typical candles, Mark Feldstein & Associates offers a safer option. The candle Everlasting uses an LED bulb instead of a fuse and battery operated. Another similar product is Scents. Ceramic vases are using a low voltage bulb that slowly melts scented wax. They are safe to use anywhere in the home, including around kids, pets, furniture, curtains or outside on the terrace or patio.
  • Devices that use fire are dangerous. Replace them with electric fireplaces or induction hobs. “If you cannot change, delete all ashes, since you remain hot for several days and if not disposed of properly, can start a fire,” said Pierce.
  • Do not put clothes to dry near stoves or electric heaters; it has also become one of the main causes. Instead it is better to do laundry in the early hours and leave to dry clothes outdoors. To warm socks, scarves and thermal shirts, opt for hot water bottles.” Overloading electrical installation, it is one of the most common mistakes, as it may cause a short circuit. Avoid at all costs, “said Crombie. Christmas Series, electric heaters and others, it is best to keep them off while no one is home or sleeping. This also gives you a money saver.
  • Cigarettes are other causes of fires, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention of Diseases. “Do not smoke in the home or when you’re lying. Turn off water every cigarette you finish and never let encoded medium” said Phil Crombie.