Safety tips at home

Basic safety tips at home to prevent different types of accidents and problems related to security.

Install smoke alarms and detectors. Alarm has several models (video surveillance cameras or with infrared night) and detectors (e.g. thermal). This way you will avoid theft and fire.

Do not forget to secure your windows and doors. Ideally, the former are doubles, while ensuring the door it is best to opt for an electronic lock, preventing it to enter someone else in the house besides you.

If you have small children removed from view everything with which to do damage (knives, drugs, alcohol¬† …). Buy protectors children’s board shaped corners and place to prevent accidental bumps.

Put deterrent posters around the house with type care notices, there is a dog! Or with video surveillance! Normally uses sufficient for 90% of the thieves change their intentions.

Do not forget to prepare the interior of your home to avoid electrical accidents. Be the minimum possible loose wires at home, never let an electric objected over a wet spot and do not forget to turn off the plugs after using any device.

And finally make sure your home is ready to withstand all types of weather. For this purpose the building in which it resides must have a solid roof, walls and a sturdy shutters prepared to resist both rain and wind.