Safety tips for your home

Make sure, the entrance doors

Check the frames, the sheets, safe and the doors, the windows so that when you see them without imperfections or strange things, if you find some give a look at the house.

Secondary areas of the house, such as the garage and the false door

They are the most likely to suffer damage or aggression at the hands of criminals, safeguard even more than the main areas.

If you leave and your service personnel will leave the license while you are not, ask for duplicate keys.

Try not to keep them, leave them in a safe place inside the house. And if someone got lost, immediately change the locks and insurance before traveling.

Light is important

Light up the corridors and exteriors of the house very well, since when you return, you will not have problems to enter quickly to the enclosure and in the exteriors you will be helping to passers and neighbors to have a better night vision of the block.

Be careful with the shrubs close to your home

It is advisable to leave them well pruned before leaving, because they could serve as stairs to your home, or to a neighbor, also clean the panorama a little, assisting the caretaker who takes care of the exteriors.

It is important that you disconnect the most electronic devices

Choose to unplug those that are not damaged and cannot be operated, thus avoiding any short-circuit fire.

If you have an electric fence

Leave it running, perform a maintenance before running it or get a little siren, which helps to mislead and warn neighbors and somehow detect some strange movement in the house.

Be wary, when strangers knock on your door

Doing surveys, or checking the light or water, REMEMBER: they notify you in advance by means of the payment receipt, you can be sure by asking the day that you are going to pay, it is usually after the expiration.

Update the data and the address of your employees

At least once a year.

Organize the neighborhood board for the safety of the neighborhood

It is always good to agree and think of a safety plan with all your neighbors.

Be aware of strange people on the block

In case of unlisted cars or polarized moons, if you pass more than twice or have strange attitudes, you obviously are not looking for an address, notify the police quickly.

In case of strange telephone calls

Do not offer any personal information or your home, if they ask about a relative of yours, do not reveal them, since the victim may not be you. Take care of your family integrity.

Create a password or keyword to communicate

In your immediate family (children, spouse, parents), so that they can help you in some way to identify yourself when you are or you are in trouble.

Emergency telephone numbers

Keep police, fire and hospital numbers on hand, this for some event or help some neighbor or third.