Safety tips to protect your home

Protecting your home at Christmas or summer holidays has become almost a must in the face of increased petty thefts.

  1. If you are going to celebrate away from home or go on vacation, do not forget to secure all the doors and windows. Also do not forget the windows of the lower floors or basement grilles.
  2. Make sure that the exterior doors of your home have a lock with lock that prevents or hinders opening.
  3. If you have sliding glass doors, re-raise them and lock them with a lock.
  4. Do not close all blinds or curtains, so it looks like the house is not empty.
  5. Use a light fixture that, through motion detectors, automatically lights exterior lights on patios, garages or fronts.
  6. Use the home automation so that, at certain times, the lights are turned on and thus protect your home.
  7. Close the gas wrenches to prevent leaks.
  8. Do not turn off the doorbell, as it may be a sign that no one is home.
  9. As far as possible, leave clothing lying down. This will give the impression that there is someone at home.
  10. Disconnect the electrical appliances: you will save energy and avoid a possible accident.
  11. Check that the water heater is off.
  12. Do not hide keys under a pot, carpet, or mailbox. Better take it to a trusted person.
  13. If you can, coordinate with your trusted neighbors a call in case something suspicious happens.
  14. If you are going to leave money or valuables in your home, keep it in a safe deposit box.
  15. Leave an emergency phone number for your friends, family, or neighbors.