Tips to protect your home

  1. Ask a friend, relative or neighbor to pick up the correspondences or newspapers that come in to protect your home.
  2. Preferably, inform your trusted neighbors that you are leaving your home for a long season.
  3. Days before your departure, avoid talking about your vacation or leave your house before unknown people.
  4. Make sure the address and number of your house is clear, so that the police find it easily in case of theft or accident.
  5. Connect the voicemail to your phone, because the fact that it rings non-stop is an indication that there is no one at home.
  6. If you see a suspicious vehicle hanging around your house days before you leave on vacation, take note and write down the sign.
  7. Try to go on holiday discreetly, especially if you keep many suitcases or luggage in the car.
  8. Renew your routines and routes of circulation. This is a tip for all occasions and thus protect your home.
  9. Check that there are no electrical or telephone line cuts.
  10. Check that your security systems are working properly.
  11. Sounds obvious, but do not leave valuables in the exteriors of your house, especially if it does not have bars.
  12. Never, but never, leave an advertisement in your home that you will be away for vacation.
  13. Do not comment that you will go on vacation or your trip in social networks. Also, tell your family not to do that.